Hi, my name is JP Roux. I run an AI and automation company with a focus on business growth and efficiency. We help small to medium companies globally and when you implement our AI, automation and processes into your business, we believe you will see exceptional results.

I'm a family man, a father of 3 sons and married to a beautiful wife. I love the outdoors, rugby, golf, great food and a good glass of wine.

I'm a logical thinker and get the job done. I also have a strong creative side that finds solutions to problems when most has given up.

I'm passionate about results, AI and technology and when we work together you will see this for yourself.

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the potential of technology, automation, AI, and marketing through our innovative platform. We are dedicated to transforming the way businesses operate, elevating their client service, efficiency and business growth to new heights. Our commitment is to fuel the growth of 500 businesses, targeting a remarkable 100% to 250% revenue increase over the next 12 to 18 months after they join us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to position Leadpro Systems at the forefront of the AI digital revolution, spearheading a new era of business growth and efficiency. We envision a world where our advanced platform is an integral part of every successful business, guiding them to surmount traditional obstacles and embrace unprecedented opportunities. We foresee our innovative solutions igniting transformative growth in at least 500 businesses, ultimately shaping a more connected, efficient, and prosperous global business landscape.

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