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Our AI & automation product names may be a bit corny, but you'll probably remember them ;)

  • Miracle_Money converts 'dead' leads in your current database into new sales with no ad spend or website rankings

  • Missed_Lead_Magic saves income by chasing all 'missed call' leads and convert them into lifetime clients

  • Lead_Speed does Fast follow ups on your behalf with every incoming lead

  • Auto_Appointments fills up your calendar with new clients, jobs, patients or sales without you lifting a finger

  • Review_Chaser builds you a stellar online reputation without you ever having to ask for a review yourself

  • 1_Chat saves you many hours every week with centralized communication. Communicate with clients through SMS, Email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google from ONE platform

  • Get paid on time, every time with Pay_Pro. Create onetime and recurring invoices, quotes and proposals on the fly and receive payments on the spot

  • Create order and structure in your business with Pipeline_Pal. Know exactly where every lead, job, quote, invoice payable, bookings and more are in your pipelines and workflows.

  • Save countless hours by implementing Automa_8 into your business. Automate client communication, invoices sent, quote follow ups, dealing with spam calls and everything in between. Automa_8 will do the heavy lifting for you

  • Capture unlimited, high quality leads with Funnel_Funatics (yes, we know that's a u ;)). Our advanced funnels will work for you 24 / 7 / 365.

With Our AI & Technology Your Business Can Run 24 / 7 / 365


What do you do?

We specialize in creating bespoke AI and automation technology solutions for various industries.

Who is the ideal client you work with?

We work with various industries. From dentists, to lawyers, to accountants, to roofers, to electricians, to plumbers, to restaurant owners, to doctors and more. These businesses should do a minimum of $250,000 per annum or more for us to consider working with them.

Which countries do you cover?

Our services are available for the US, UK, Canadian, Australian, Irish and South African markets.

How much do you charge?

That's impossible to answer without understanding your needs and the solutions you require. Our quotes can range from $200 per month up to $500,000 plus for a full system build out. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective solution where you can see a very lucrative return on investment when you work with us.

How do we work together?

We 1st need to have an introductory online zoom meeting to see if there is scope for us to work together. Please complete your details on our contact us page and we'll be in contact with you.

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