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Pricing (USD): $497 pm & $997 Once Off Setup

Leadpro Systems offer small and medium sized, service focused, local businesses software solutions that will help you to run your business profitably and efficiently. We also provide bespoke automation and digitization solutions for companies who fall outside of this scope.

Compare this investment with a full-time salary. How much would you need to invest to employ someone to follow up with your leads and clients in a professional way and that can do basic admin tasks on your behalf? Software don't take a smoke break, do not go to the toilet, do not make coffee or tea, never takes leave and never causes HR issues. Plus, it can do 80 to 90% of the tasks that a full-time employee does. The automation just needs to be created.

What do you get?

Manage unlimited leads and clients in your own CRM:

  • Capture any client details you want.

  • Upload photos and documents inside client profiles.

  • Add client notes inside client profiles.

  • Add tasks for yourself or your team inside client profiles.

  • Send payment links (USA and UK) inside client profiles.

  • Make calendar bookings inside client profiles.

  • Send email, sms / text, Google Business, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messages directly to the client on his or her profile.

  • Receive calls from client within the system (can be linked to your mobile phone).

  • Make calls to the client from within the system (can be linked to your mobile phone).

  • Tag clients.

  • Get notified of all incoming leads.

  • Track and capture all incoming queries (phone, email, sms / text, chat widget, forms, surveys, Facebook, Google Business, Instagram).

Complete Quote and Invoicing System:

  • Create quotes and invoices effortlessly.

  • Upload your product and service rates for quick access when doing a quote or invoice.

  • Create recurring invoices easily.

  • When a quote is sent, Leadpro Systems can automatically follow up with the client on a regular basis to determine if they accept or reject the quote.

  • When an invoice is sent, Leadpro Systems can automatically follow up with the client on a regular basis to remind them of payment.

  • Create invoice and quote templates to easily duplicate them for future use.

  • Export all transaction on a line-item basis that you can send to your accountant.

  • When invoice is marked as paid, then the Google 5-star review campaign gets activated automatically. You can build unlimited 5-star reviews on autopilot.


  • Bookings become a breeze with our calendar software.

  • Create various calendars for different teams that can be synced with Google Calendar and Outlook.

  • Manage your teams through calendars.

  • Client and your team(s) get booking notifications and can also get 48-hour, 24-hour and 3-hour reminders before a meeting.

  • Create any customization around calendar bookings that you want.

Sales or Lead Pipelines:

  • Fully customizable solution to suit your business.

  • Manage leads and clients from 'New Lead' to 'Invoice Paid' and everything in between.

  • Create advanced automations around different stages of your pipeline.

  • Convert pipelines into a ticketing or job card system.

  • Track your money flow through the different stages of your sales or lead pipeline.

Centralized Communication:

  • Manage all communication from various channels on ONE platform.

  • Send and receive conversations on Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, WhatsApp, email or sms / text through Leadpro Systems.

  • No need to log into these different platforms in order to send and receive messages.

  • We integrate these platforms for you.

  • Track all communication per client in ONE place.

Automated Google Reviews:

  • Create unlimited 5-star Google reviews for your business on autopilot.

  • When an invoice is paid or when you identify a client as someone who you might get a review from, then our automated review software will hunt for high quality reviews on your behalf.

  • No need to chase for reviews anymore. Our automation software does this for you.

  • Our artificial intelligence (AI) solution also replies in a professional and courteous way to reviews that was left by clients.

Websites and Funnels:

  • Own a beautiful website or funnel design that converts online visitors into sales or calls.

  • Fully mobile optimized for mobile visitors.

  • Included is unlimited forms, surveys, and chat widget functionality so you can capture new enquiries effortlessly.

  • Get immediate notifications when a new online visitor completed a form, survey or chat widget.

Email Marketing Platform:

  • Create stunning email templates that you can use to keep in contact with your clients and prospects.

  • You no more need external email marketing software. Leadpro Systems cover it all.

Social Media Planner:

  • Connect Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn, X and Tiktok and manage all of them from Leadpro Systems.

  • No need to log into various social media profiles every day.

  • Send posts to all of them simultaneously from one platform.

Mobile App:

  • Manage leads and clients

  • Communicate through various channels like phone calls, sms / text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook DM's, Google Business, etc.

  • Send invoices.

  • Manage calendar bookings.

  • Manage sales and lead pipelines.

  • Manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Add Staff Members:

  • Add staff members to run your business for you.

  • Manage their user rights so they only see what they need to.

Additional Benefits:

  • Get lifetime live Zoom support while you're a client.

  • Get access to training on how to use the platform.

  • Get lifetime access to all future version and security upgrades.

  • Full setup of the system for your business. We will setup...

  • Tracking numbers and call tracking,

  • Tracking forms, surveys and chat widgets,

  • Email domains,

  • Website or funnel

  • Content that needs to be implemented on the website or funnel,

  • New domain, if necessary,

  • Automated Google review integration,

  • Configuring invoice and quote settings,

  • Uploading your product list and more...

Do You Need an Environment Where You Can Produce Unlimited Leads?

This means that we will need to create a Google ads environment for you that integrates directly with Leadpro Systems. You will need to fund the Google ads account. The funding amount of the account is dependent on the industry you are in as well as the area(s) you are targeting. Reach out to us if you want to know more.

Pricing (USD): $997 pm and $997 Once Off Setup

If you are using Leadpro Systems and you are willing to manage the account yourself (we will teach you how), then we will give you a significant discount to implement a platform that will produce unlimited leads for your business.

Combined Pricing (USD): $797 pm & $997 Once Off Setup

The once off setup fee is for BOTH the setup of Leadpro Systems into your business AS WELL as the setup of the Google ads environment that will produce unlimited leads for your business. The $797 pm include BOTH Leadpro Systems AND the integration of the Google ads platform with Leadpro Systems. Note, you will need to manage the Google ads platform at this price. But we give you full training and the setup is done. The management of this is now really easy.

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